Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Black, Gray, White, and Mesh

Currently, my closet is going through a style and color palette transition. For the past few months, I've been obsessing over the colors black, gray, and white. I've never considered myself a trend follower but ever since the sub-sport trend came out last year, I've become drawn to it. I used to still incorporate colors in my wardrobe despite the trend before but now it doesn't seem to be the case. For the past few months, my choices in clothing would only consist of these three colors. The obsession is quite intense.

Represent Clothing

Represent Clothing

Represent Clothing

Mesh has also become my bestfriend. Everytime I see shirts made of mesh, I drool and obsess about them. Definitely a plus if they have number prints or star details (of course they would either be black, gray, or white). Leather panels are also my thing now. Also, zippers. When all of these elements are combined in my wardrobe, I feel happy. Shallow, I know.




My current dilemma are my shoes. I only have a few that fall into my current color palette. Well, if I were to incorporate color into my wardrobe, I'd most likely have them on my shoes or maybe not. Haha. I plan to acquire new shoes in the next few weeks. I've been actually checking some online. Something like these would do:



Now, I pray to Gods that they take away my laziness to take outfit shots. Honestly, I feel doing so too tedious now. Outfit shots have become too mainstream already. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

FOREVER 21: First & Forever

When California’s fast-fashion line Forever 21 entered into the Philippine retail landscape in 2010, its flagship store in SM Megamall distinguished itself as the defined fashion mecca for stylish apparel that catered to every personality. With a huge selection of hip, trendy clothes and accessories, Forever 21’s arrival on Philippine shores was highly anticipated; so much so that when its first branch opened, the anticipation had built up to the point of frenzy. On a larger scale, the retail giant’s foray into the Philippines marked a surge of change within the fashion industry, effectively ushering in the concept of big-brand fast fashion into the country and opening the floodgates for its burgeoning international retail fashion market.

Now on its fourth year of operations in the Philippines, Forever 21 has become a household name – with 9 stores spread across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, and another one fast on its way within 2014. 

Change, as with all things in the fashion world, was always in the offing. Now also in its fourth year, Forever 21’s SM Megamall flagship store receives a sophisticated and streamlined makeover, reflecting the brand’s new international look. 

Forever 21 MegaMall

Gone are the ornate Lucite chandeliers and patterned walls; in their stead, fresh white walls with splashes of black, touches of whitewashed wood and brick, and industrial-inspired shelving provide a clean and chic slate underscoring the veritable fashion playground for which Forever 21 has become known. A glimpse into its newly-renovated Megamall store provides a clear overview of the brand’s offerings, with neon signs demarcating each collection. 

Stronger sections for brands-within-brand 21Men, Girls, Active, Basics, Denim, Lingerie, and Forever 21 +, as well as for accessories and shoes, round out the rest of the store’s 2,600-plus square meters. 

Forever21 21Men section

With an easier-to-navigate layout and a clean palette for a backdrop, the Forever 21 experience at SM Megamall is better than ever. It is now easier to spot treasures perfectly suited for any personality amongst the massive collection. New items are displayed on the floor three times a week, giving customers something new to look forward to at any given time.

Customers can also look forward to a more varied selection of items covering a multitude of trends, from boho chic to normcore to understated elegance. With fresh takes on partnerships with Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, NBA, and Mattel, Forever 21 shoppers can literally wear their hearts, hobbies, and interests on their sleeve. 

Forever21 MegaMall window display

Clearly, apart from the tastefully laid-back pieces that fit the stylish individual’s lust for ensembles that flaunt either a festive, tropical vibe or an edgy, of-the-moment feel, there’s more to look forward to at Forever 21. This overall effort serves as a testament that not only is Forever 21 staying true to the constant renewal of fashion, it is also committed to further the absolute thrill of shopping.


Forever 21 partners with MasterCard this season for Shop Forever, a raffle promotion to gear up MasterCard holders with a chance to win any hardcore shopper’s dream: a wardrobe in Forever 21’s latest collection. A minimum single-receipt purchase of Php 2,500 with a Philippine-issued MasterCard gives the cardholder (1) e-raffle entry for a chance to win a Php 21,000 shopping spree at Forever 21. Double your chances of winning with an SM Advantage, SM Prestige, BDO Rewards, and PRiMO cards. Promo runs until October 31, 2014. Terms and conditions apply. 

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