Tuesday, February 10, 2015



I've always been a fan of numbered shirts. Wearing numbered shirts feels so sporty and stylish. Of course, numbered shirts are not exclusive anymore to varsity shirts and jackets. Numbered shirts have become an integral element in the subsport style arena. In fact, a lot of brands have been carrying numbered shirts as part of their new collections. Some brands don't even carry other designs except for numbered shirts printed on either black or white shirts only and I must say they make a lot out of these shirts.

Side zipped panelled long length shirt by Middle Class Clothing

One local brand has jumped into the numbered shirt arena and I was one of the first few who donned their numbered shirt. Middle Class Clothing sent me a personalized oversized long length tee with my name and number of choice printed on the back. How awesome is that? They actually sent me this shirt a while back but due to schedule constraints, I was only able to do a proper shoot of the shirt just recently. Oh, and its printed on a black shirt of course! 

Catch_G 24

Middle Class Clothing

Middle Class Clothing is local brand that carries affordable luxury street wear for the middle class man. Their signature style are the side zipped panelled shirts. Very subsport! Check them out on Facebook and see their collection.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Marc Wenn

I've been on a quest for the perfect backpack for a longtime. I have received/bought some but none really lasted. I always like donning a backpack with my outfits just because it adds flair to my over all look. It also serves as a great man accessory. Aesthetics aside, having a backpack serves a great function for me as well. I always bring hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and tissue pull-ups wherever I go so having a backpack to put all these necessities is a must.

Marc Wenn - made from high grade leather

Marc Wenn - perfect for any subsport look

When I shifted to subsport, I've been on the lookout for a really nice black backpack to complement my look but nothing has really caught my eye until, BOOM, all the way from London, I get a happy email. After a few days, a parcel has arrived on my doorstep.

Marc Wenn - London, UK

The guys over at Marc Wenn sent me the most awesome backpack perfect for my current style - a black backpack made from high quality leather with gunmetal zippers and logo. The backpack is just divine and the craftsmanship is impeccable! It's just like an answered prayer. Marc Wenn is a brand based in London, UK that caters to customers worldwide. They carry different leather backpacks, denim jeans, and quality timepieces.

Marc Wenn - gunmetal zippers and logo

*photos by Patrick Stevens


Did you notice that I am wearing red? LOL.

Monday, February 2, 2015

VMU London

VMU London White Sleeve Bomber Jacket

So, my Sub-Sport fixation is still on. Everyday up to today, I am still on my black, gray, and white color scheme. I've never done a single fixed look this long and this has been the longest style I've ever stuck with (not that I have any problems with that). I think I'll grow old with Sub-Sport. Now, the good fellas at VMU London have took notice and sent me one sick bomber jacket - in my color scheme, of course.

VMU London - #VMULife #VMULondon

VMU London is a global online brand based in London, United Kingdom. They sell sick merchandise (bomber jackets, long tees, and joggers), the essentials of any Sub-Sport wardrobe. VMU London sent me their White Sleeve Bomber Jacket crafted with high quality leather sleeves and a wool body. I must say, craftsmanship is incredible and the fit is legit! Check out VMU London's online SHOP now. Oh, they ship worldwide for free - yes, for FREE!

VMU London - high quality leather sleeves

VMU London - crafted wool body

*photos by Patrick Stevens

Here are some of VMU London's sick merchandise from their new collection:

VMU London Leather Joggers *Limited Edition*

VMU London Quilted Leather Jacket

VMU London Tech Fleece Sweatpants

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