Friday, February 17, 2012

Self Re-image: System Reset

I've decided to change image once again! If you've known me for quite sometime already, you've prolly witnessed my oh-so-many overnight self reinventions. I've gone through so many "images" already - from beach bum with curly hair, to laid back guy with tousled hair, to bad ass skin head, to preppy korean wannabe, and so on. Too bad I wasn't a blogger back then to have documented each look. Like what I've mentioned in my previous post, there are just times that I get "tired" looking at myself in the mirror. Change is the only solution I find for this and since change is the only constant thing in the world, it has become my principle to keep changing too. 

So, here's my new look:

tank - Zine
hoodie - Parco Exchange
pants turned shorts - Topman
socks - Topman
kicks - Marc Ecko
leather cuff - H&M
necklace - DIY
watch - Nixon

Good thing I keep buying basic pieces for my wardrobe. Regardless of what look I want to pull-off, I could just easily mix and match things. Of course there would always be pieces that need to be bought that are quite specific on some particular looks. I've already bought a few drop-crotch shorts, a forward-piece shirt, and a new hoodie a while ago that I'll be adding to my existing wardrobe. Let's see how this new look goes! :D


  1. Wow for the hair! I wanna color mine red too (am I right that it is red?) but mom wouldn't let me :))

    Almira :)

    1. Yep, it's red. My mom doesn't like it too but it's a tad too late for that already. LOL.

  2. Shoooooeeeesssss!!! Man loving it! Hair is cool too lol!
    Nice one Catch!



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